Corporate and international PR, what is it about?

I have spent some time searching for an appropriate definition of the corporate PR online and found out that unless your name is Sherlock Holmes, you will have troubles finding one. So, I have decided to go old school and browse some books, here is what I found:

A trailer for the next season of Sherlock! ❤ And also a definition of Corporate PR;)


“Corporate PR/communication is a management education that offers a framework for the effective coordination of all internal and external communication with the overall purpose of establishing and maintaining favorable reputations with stakeholder groups upon which the organization is independent” (Cornelissen, 2012, p.5)




Basically, corporate PR helps an organization create an information flow with their publics and stakeholders both inside and outside the organization. It also includes CSR , which goes beyond company´s aim of earning money, and emphasizes the need to contribute to the society the organization exists in.

If you are still confused, watch this funny video, it might help 🙂

I reckon that corporate PR seems to be a fair way to find out a lot about an organization and create a certain image of it in your head, however, not every company uses corporate PR for a greater good. W. Potter in his book uncovers a whole story of continues lies created by a health insurance company. Basically, he as a former PR executive for 2 of the largest health insurance companies in the US (Humana and Cigna), tells about the ways he manipulated public opinions, media and governmental representatives to achieve goals that were economically beneficial for his companies.

Here is a bit of an insight on his book and PR practices:


Ideally, every company has to implement PR practices aiming at 2 ways symmetrical communication, however, it is not always the case. In the example above, we can clearly see press agency model presented and executed here.




As you might see from the example above, corporate PR is more than just an interaction between a company/corporation and target publics, it influences our lives, opinions, decisions and future. In “The Deadly Spin” W.Potter describes ways how he made sure that the Parliament would not accept a new reform, that would potentially harm the company he has worked for, but save people´s lives and describes the way he twisted the whole PR and publicity system in the favor of his corporation.



Trust me, it´s not, but it affects our lives, sometimes even outside the borders of one corporation or even 1 country.

The fact the fact that companies actively interact with audiences in other countries, open new opportunities and challenges for the PR practitioners, like, for instance international PR. 



Just a bit of a glimpse into the PR in Australia and Brasil to give you more info 😉

Basically, the way people handed Public Relations in different countries depends on a lot of things, for instance the perception of time! Hard to believe, but many nations do not consider strict deadlines to be there for a reason 😉 Check out this article for some insight 🙂

When searching for information about the cultural features that play a role in international PR strategies, found this article, that uncovers the dark side of publicity and culture in Bangkok.

What would you when facing a culture where bribery is a must-do and hugely accepted by the society? Will you play along or will you not betray your ethics and culture?

Happy thinking and see you next time! 😉lead_2


Source for the cover image:


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