Internal communication and social responsibility

Apart from being a part of the corporate PR, which I was talking about before, internal communication is a crucial part of one´s company or organization´s success. The need to address the employees has been identified already in the 90th by Stuart Morrison, another PR practitioner from health insurance branch.

Internal or employee communication can be defined as :

‘ a specialization of public relations concerned with how public relations professionals in corporations, counseling firms, and non-profit organizations help promote effective communication among employees and between line employees and top management’ (Lattimore et al 2012, p. 2)

It is crucial for an organization to have an organized and ongoing communication with all members of staff and within different departments and responsibility groups, because keeping your employees updated, informed and satisfied can help you avoid following:

You have probably paid attention to the fact that I often use videos to support my point of view, well, the reason for that is because according to the statistics in the next video, it is the best way to communicate with your publics 😉


Generally, it does not matter whether a company aims at creating big earnings, neither is it an issue of organization´s size, internal communication is of high importance.  As It ensures understand between the core and the periphery of the organization, helps employees understand company´s agenda and further development.

For instance, in the sports industry, internal communication is used to motivate athletes and make sure that team spirit and motivation. It is a proven fact that good information flow between the members of the team is highly responsible for the overall success.

This is the team spirit you want to have in your company 😉

Would you personally prefer to purchase services and products from a company that contributes to your local society, or to the World in general? I certainly hope that you will, because I do 😉

However, sometimes companies tend to use CSR for their personal interests. Do you believe that after a scandalous media coverage a company will change its values because it finally came to its senses? Well, that is a tough one, remember that Barbie story? You have probably heard that Barbie was accused of creating a false body image, wrong stereotypes and even domestic violence. Now the company has changed the assortiment1104.jpg Source:

by adding more human-like body type and shapes. It tok them a few years to finally make the change, but was it all only because the creative designer has realized the need for it? Or was it just a commercial trick to attack new customer segments, as well as stakeholders? Write me your thoughts in the comment field!

Source for the cover image:



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