Government and non-profit PR

As many of you know, lobbying and working close with governmental officials is a huge part of the Public Relations practice. Those who implement and execute government PR, often aim at creating a dialog with the citizens of a country.



Government PR is a very special field of public relations. Why? Because unlike other types of PR it does not necessarily aims at 2 way asymmetrical communication with the publics. Often, when a governmental representative makes an announcement, it is a statement that he or she wants the audience to accept, but not to comment or give a feedback on.



However, commonly, an open dialog between the government and it´s people, is seen as a major element of a democratic World, allowing people get some information about governmental representatives (trust me when I say that the content of such web sites is 100% done by a smart PR practitioner, unless they don´t care about their reputation 😉 ) governmental policies and practices. This video gives such a detailed insight view on the things an untrained eye can miss!

However, this type of PR must be performed carefully and delivered with care, because it can harm it as well as help promote the modern values of a free society.

Btw, check out the Dakota access pipeline case, how would you reflect on the government´s action according to that issue? Would you call it a good example of PR execution?



If you ask me, I think that the Government doesn’t have things under control, because the media is covering the story not always in the favour of the President, and several arrests listed in the article above are not helping either. It seems like the opinion of the Government is not made up, which does not encourage a productive dialog and creates a mess in people’s minds and opinions.

Another interesting PR  branch is non-profit PR. Some can argue that having a PR practitioner in a non-profit organisation may seem like an odd situation. Well, let me stop you right there, because for an organisation that does not have a stable income, it is a vital issue to make sure that the image is presented in a right manner and the investors are happy, informed and satisfied.



Moreover, PR helps non-profit organisations deal with the issues like communication with the target publics, make sure that the message they want to send out there is clear and the tools are appropriate.


I guess, if you can identify these logos and connect them with a non-profit organisation, PR practitioners have done their job quite well 😉

The web page where I borrowed the picture above, gives useful  advises on how to work in such kind of organisations. Might be useful, if you consider working in this field! 😉

They also uncover the fact that a lot of the promotion is made via social media.



In my opinion, it is a great way to do business in non-profit organisations. Firstly, it costs a lot less than usual types of media. Moreover, it gives you a real-time updated on the number of people you have reached and the sufficiency of that.



Of course, promotion options are not limited to Facebook, but it is one of best features, as far as I can tell.

When it comes to promotion, it is important to identify good practices and positive examples. The video below tells a story of an unbelievable success of Coca-Cola in developing countries, and connects it to the opportunities within marketing and advertisement for non-profit organisations.

So jump in into the exciting World of PR and tell me your stories about government and non-profit PR! 😉









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