The changing landscape of Public Relations

Nothing is absolute and nothing is stable. In the World of permanent change, such disciplines as PR are developing as well.

One of the most significant changes is, of course, technology. With the development of internet, we have opened a whole new epoch of publicity! There is a whole new branch called online PR that has the same purposes as usual Public Relation, but uses different platforms.

I have worked as Marketing assistant, with the main duties in digital marketing, which turned out to be online PR 😉 And I would like to share our PR strategy with you.


One of my main duties was to post things on Facebook, but not to sell things and promote products, because this is advertising, but to tell about our CSR practices and to build up a relationship with our customers, and at the same time to identify them 😉

One of the first things I found out is the importance of language! And I am not talking about being appropriate and polite, I am speaking DIALECTS!

Here is a very long but educational video on that regard :

But yeah, I have had a long journey from the formal written language to the oral and local dialect.

Another thing was to actually target some audiences, without being sales-oriented! Which sounds easy, but is actually hard if you work for a shopping mall 😉 So I came up with a plan to promote local people, so it is easier for my target audience to relate and make us more likable for them!


Another crucial thing was to make sure that all the charity projects and non-for-profit activities er covered both by the media and by me, in order to spread the World and again make us attractive.

Since we are the main sponsors of our local football team of all ages, my idea was to make us more visible and create QR codes and lotteries/activities both at the football field and at the mall during some big competitions!


And of course, create videos and indirectly show that we sponsor this event 😉 Since AMFI Alta is located in Northern Norway, winter sports are a big part of our culture! Sponsing an event like this was an attempt to target a specific audience, mostly males at the age of 25-40. Sounds like a broad group, but it turned out to be just the one selection! The participants of the event interested the young audience, the snow scooter culture got us the other part.

Another thing that worked out really great for the local publics was to promote not the shopping mall but to promote our region and local businesses around.  Since AMFI is a huge chain in Norway, it is harder for people to realize that they support local economy and regional development by coming to us.


I hope you enjoyed this little tour around the online PR practice in Norway! Tell me how do you deal with digital Public Relations?

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